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tv   WRAL News at 430 AM  NBC  February 24, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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a huge win in nevada at the republican caucus. this is there is a tight race for who won number two. it's good to have you with us, this is going to be a very serious weather day. i'm bill leslie. >> i'm rain rain. dangerous storms moving in to the area. let's get to elizabeth to walk us through the timeline and what we could see. >> we are going to start off taking a look at the radar, that's a great tool we have to look at exactly what is happening in the atmosphere, especially when we have a tornado threat, the threat for tornados is definitely one of the higher ones that i have seen in my years here. right now, we don't have any imminent threats but a few thunderstorms starting to move in to the sand hills this morning around moore county, southwest part of chatham, stronger storms, heavy rain and some lightning with those. no warnings yet.
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already this morning. our wind advisory in effect, separate from what we are expecting in terms of the tornados. like lie under a watch soon, we have a wind advisory from 9:00 a.m. until midnight for winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour, which could topple trees. that's separate from the tornado threat. a look at the tornado threat. number 4 on level of 5, that's the red area that you see from raleigh eastward. the best chance of tornados, a reasonably high risk across the viewing area. damaging winds, some maybe damaging straight line winds, some maybe tornados, hail, heavy rain a goods risk for those today. 46 zebulon and durham. 51 fayetteville. seeing the warm air coming up from the south, that's when our threat will increase a little bit, any time from 8:00 on, a
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this morning, maybe just damaging winds, lunchtime 64, 71 the high later on today. we will be with you all morning long, even after the news casts are over tracking the strong storms. several local school systems have announced an early release. edgecombe county schools will close four hours early. >> sampson county closing at 11:30. find list scrolling at the bottom of the screen and any time on tornados and severe weather tore through the gulf coast. 7 tornados hit louisiana and mississippi, this is the one that's headed our way. one slammed in to an rv park in louisiana killing two people. another 30 people were hurt, 7 in critical condition. a third person died after a
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near perv u.s., mississippi. no word of injuries in the state. . the storms as we said are now heading our way. >> tara lynn is live in raleigh with information on what you can do today to stay safe. >> reporter: bill and renae, there doesn't have to be an actual tornado for there to be extensive damage. we expect winds up to 75 man, because of that, the -- miles an hour, because of that, a wind advisory for wake and surrounding counties from 9:00 a.m. until midnight. five years ago, two dozen tornados crossed the state april 16th. that damage extremely severe, widespread, 24 people lost their lives. here are things to remember during severe weather. the most important is be in a sturdy building. avoid being in a car or a mobile home. stay away from windows that could become flying debris. lightning does remain a threat,
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to prepare for this, pat mc corey put search and rescue teams as well as hazardous material response teams on standby. let's hope he doesn't have to call on them. >> tara lynn with important information. thank you. now is the time to make sure your smart phone has the latest wral weather app. it will use the gps on your phone or tablet to send notifications when severe go to the trial in the man accused in the murder of his pregnant girlfriend. >> i'm keeping this baby, she wanted to tell him that face to face. >> mc queen was a student at shaw university when she vanished in 96. remains found in a wooded area 10 month later. chris lawing, a nc state
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released for lack of evidence. investigators found new evidence and rearrested him in 2014. lawing was upset mc queen was upset and wanted her to have an abortion, they planned to meet the day she disappeared. a search crew found the wreckage of a plane that crashed in nepaul. the searchers say all 23 aboard died. the twin outer plane lost contact after take off. it was supposed to been an 18 minute flight for a starter point for truckers. officials say the plane was flying in poor visibility over terrain when it disappeared from radar. a big win in nevada for donald trump, he claimed his third commanding victory in the race for the presidential nomination. it was a tight race for second place between marco rubio and ted cruz. the victories now under his belt in the west, south and the northeast, trump was more
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tealing a crowd at a vegas casino, it's going to been amazing 2 months. on the democratic side, hilary clinton and bernie sanders participated in a town hall event in columbia ahead of the saturday. clinton supports the efforts by president obama to close the detention center at guantanamo. sanders stood by his 74 critique of the cia as a quote dangerous institution. news to quote to prop up dictatorships. a new order gives people challenging the map as few days to file objections, the order doesn't say when the court will issue the decision on the new maps. raleigh's appearance commission holds a meeting about downtown sidewalk seating rules. the final meeting supposed to be last week, members decided they needed one more.
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ban on picnic tables. they wi prenthe suggestions in march. police protective association will not boycott an upcoming beyonce concert at carter finley stadium. a nationwide backlash over the super bowl performance, dancers depicted members of the black panther party. the members took an oath to protect and serve all citizens regardless of their political beliefs and speech. it is up to the officers to decide if they want to work off duty and provide security. the police spokesperson says this is a union decision not a department decision. the highway patrol says it will provide traffic assistance like they would for any other big event. there will be a way to make selfis work for you. the company that's about to let
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where the wind sent a bracing for strong thunderstorms this morning and potential for tornados is fairly high today. a couple of cells popped up in the sand hills, chatham county, thunder and heavier rain, no indications of severe weather with the cells, we will be watching the all day long. our temperatures on the warm side today as well. we will see winds gusting as we get through the day. 9:00 a.m., up through midnight. gusts up to 35-50 miles per hour. our temperatures right now are mainly in the 40s, we will see a quick warm up through the morning. protesters gathered outside
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and here in durham in support of the company. demonstrators wanted to show they stand by the tech company's decision not to comply to hack in to the i phone of the san bernardino shooter. the fbi argues this is a matter of national security. southwest airlines maybe headed to cuba, the company's ceo says the carrier could begin flights after the u.s. and cuba agreed to resume air traffic. charters are flown there continually. u.s. carriers face a large second deadline to submit applications. mastercard will let you buy items with your face. the credit card company is launching selfi and finger print technology to allow customers to make on line purchases. it will be available in a few months. they will able to tell if it's
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users to blink while shooting the picture. it was not an ordinary day window washers. >> why forced to stay on a scaffolding 65 stories above the ground. . a terrible case of animal abuse tings people charged with
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means r afteus, t toexpebras live tyeflepla.sera wie wral formaticheck t e special n we on at 6:30 we will talk live with savanna guthrie of today in new york. she will share her impressions north carolina. can't wait for that. times up to turn in the winning tickets for a $164,000 lottery prize. the cash ticket sold at brotherhood market, the winner had until 5:00 to come forward and claim the prize. half the money put in to the state education fund, the other half will go back in to the pool with ery >>y cayou e al emthis. e llto u perfor th aryintollpen
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ep the liz breath breaks down on the timeline on the storm and the threat for tornados. >> the same storm system caused destruction in the deep south. the years that are now picking up the pieces. >> good morning, everybody. we are coming up on 5:00 good to have you with us. several local school systems announced an early release for today because of the threat of severe weather. edgecombe county schools close four hours early. >> ampson county schools close at 11:30 and wayne county schools closing at 11:00 a.m. find list at the bottom of the screen and any time on
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coming up from the south, causing the problems today. >> elizabeth joins us to tell us what we can expect. >> already we have thunderstorms out there, none of these are reaching the criteria, where there has been a warning placed out for that. we will will throwing a lot of stuff at you today. a warning means the winds are 60 miles per hour or greater or hail, the size of a quarter or larger. we have a wind advisory out for today, starting at 9:00 a.m., we may have gusts outside of thunderstorms up to 50 miles per hour, of course we have a good tornado threat for today as well. to the radar picture, looping that, with the loop, see we have thunderstorms already. none of these reaching severe criteria yet. that doesn't mean they are not loud and producing heavy rain and gusty winds. we will check out those storms especially over to the western part of the viewing area, we will zoom in, we have heavier rain south of garner and west


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